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 Charles Drummond

During the 1960's and early 1970's, Drummond experienced substantial success trading in a variety of markets. (shown here with the "pig") It was through out this period he developed his own market theory and simplified his life's work in 2015.

Drummond is still making himself available with helping JB teach his crowd geometry system and weekly webinars. This is a one of a kind visual technical analysis method only available here at Drummond Energy Bands.

 ​JB Wells

He visited Chicago back in 1998 (shown in this picture) and developed an interest in the markets.  He then began researching and developing his own trading software and ideas. He had substantial success using a method trading futures and options simultaneously. His interest in the markets became an addiction and purchased approximately $150,000 worth of older market ideas and concepts and began full time trading in 2001 and has done nothing else ever since.

JB Wells is a specialized futures and options trader who has created the AXE GPS software based on the pioneer work that veteran futures trader, Charles Drummond has done in analyzing market geometry.

With AXE GPS, JB has created what he feels is a simplified, teachable method to approaching the markets. He works directly with experienced professionals as well as new traders who desire to transform their habits in an ever changing marketplace.