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We post a daily video illustrating the day’s market examples to show how traders can profit using Visual Energy Analysis (VEA) with the Drummond Energy Bands software package.

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Please find a sample of testimonials we have received.

JB & Charlie,

If you’re a trader in the making as I am you won’t find a better way to hone your skills and learn the VEA method than with JB’s teaching and guidance. Having the chance to join JB and Charles Drummond a few months ago gave me the knowledge and confidence to become profitable starting with a small account. It took me 3 months of studying the VEA method to become profitable with unsurpassed support from JB.  The reality proved to be that most of the work had to be concentrated on disciplining myself to follow the trading plan. Right now instead of trying to achieve a daily dollar goal, I’m concentrating on spotting the best setups that the VEA method is teaching with the dollars just being a byproduct of the big picture.

All my appreciation to JB and Charles Drummond for their diligent work and dedication in bringing this product to the community of traders.

Emil S.


JB & Charlie,

Drummond Energy Bands has elevated my trading to the next level in terms of profit potential, organization and most importantly the support JB and Charlie continue to provide to their students.

I immediately starting having success once I settled on one pattern I felt was most efficient in terms of risk vs reward. If I’m going to trade 100 contracts someday this mind doesn’t want to be thinking of all the what, why and where.

I would recommend Drummond Energy Bands to those who seek mastery on one thing and one thing only. I would also recommend using Market Replay on Ninja Trader for the new student.

I thank Charlie, JB and Trish from the bottom of my heart for the service you provide. It’s people like you that challenge, question and eventually help us free our minds.


Chicago, IL


Hey J.B.,

Great way to kick off my subscription to the Morning Brew! Looking for longs above 1937, there was a perfect WDP on the 8-4 chart at around 9:49am EST that I filled at 1939.50 and rode to 1949 thanks to your target of 1949.50. I would have never stayed in the trade for nearly so many points on my own but the Morning Brew gave me the confidence to ride it up based on the strong Sea Waves on the 8-4 and 4-2.

I picked up more points on the continuation trade off the power-mid on the push to your next target of 1957.25. Great stuff.

Matt M.


JB – that is too funny – I just watched your Insider’s Review for today, and I took the exact trade that you discussed. My entry was at 9:47 am with the 2d green triangles. I’m glad to know that I am seeing the charts in the same way that you are looking at them. I can see now that I got out at least 10 points too soon. The strong dot push on the 8-4 chart would have been a good indication that the C wave on the 8-4 could continue so that I wouldn’t have gotten out so soon (although I am not complaining about a 14 point trade : ) )

Richard J.