Why Energy?

JB Wells asks, “has Charles Drummond gone crazy”? 

“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?” Albert Einstein


We mention Albert Einstein because many today would say that he was a genius. Back in his day, though, he was considered to be mad.
In his 1991 Energy paper, Charles suggests that something other than the traders buy and sell order flow have control over price! Large aggressive buyers and sellers find that even with all their liquidity, they cannot seem to push price further at certain times?


Well if all this is true, what is it and can it be demonstrated to be true?


The answer is yes, we can demonstrate for you that energy is in fact in control of price and maybe a lot more.


Charles writes on page six, “Let’s move along: and suggest that we assume that the exchange of price and value by means of trading, creates price and creates geometry. This is a logical conclusion. However, we shall now attempt to prove that this is not so. Not only is time of no value, for use as a measuring tape, but, price itself has no value (we define price as an exchanged means of determining worth of a given item, at any time)”.

“Price has no relationship to the exchange of value? Price is just a number, a measuring device?”

“We are suggesting that value is determined by geometry, or shape, and that energy drives that shape, that energy has structure. What we are going to do, in attempting to prove that we deal with energy (not price, not time, not value) is to flatly state that energy creates value, price, and even time and that energy has structure”.


On page seven  of Drummond’s Energy Paper, Charles states that “energy creates housing starts! This may further suggest that we are all a product of energy. We see that the 59’s can flag yearly highs and lows in housing starts. These highs and lows are not traded. Is time important? Are we dealing with price? No. We are dealing with numbers, with geometric structure. And most importantly, if we are to advance our argument: we are dealing with energy. Energy has structure, and we will see this in a few moments.”

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Here are a few incredible pictures of the natural beauty of energy that is always around us.