Visual Energy Analysis (VEA)



One of the ways to trade the stock market is to look for leans (anticipated areas of strong support or resistance) and then lean against them for trade location. Of course this is no easy task when the market participants are in a constant state of battle. Charles Drummond, trading system creator states that the traders’ collective energy is at work, whether we trade it or not; in other words it exists! This market structure of energy flow is what we join and become a part of when we trade. The Drummond Energy Bands uncovers this strong energy of support or resistance for the day trading lean in advance!

Visual Energy Analysis (VEA) trading software called Drummond Energy Bands can be used on Futures, Stocks, ETF’s, Forex & Options.

The trader has several tasks to juggle while viewing the free flowing data occurring in front of him or her. The constant shift in price can be very draining to the mind, causing a loss of focus. The indicators offered here allows the mind to slow down and step back from what is currently taking place. Drummond Energy Bands trading software project a simple precise lean into the future. The trader’s only job then is to be aware of the lean, wait and choose to join the market participants as they react to the lean’s strong energy. Having the lean far in advance helps settle the mind down so the trader can be focused, while keeping a very simple chart to view.

Our charts help the trader uncover when this strong energy is appearing.  Then we can choose to join this strong energy with a simple strategy.  This simple strategy goes a long way when historically viewing the outcomes of how well the leans energy worked or did not.

The Chart Frame Overlay displays key support and resistance levels from different chart frames, all on a single trade chart. This Overlay perfectly frames the most important support and resistance from multiple charts in a clear uncluttered visual.

The Drummond Energy Bands software works exclusively in NinjaTrader charting package.

How good are you at detecting nonsense when it comes to looking for an amazing and simple way to trade that may have an impact on the rest of your life?

Why are courses being taught where several additional sub-graphs of indicators are required to take advantage of some tracking software that has already determined the statistical edge?

Here is one trading room champions’ comments;  “You don’t need to know any statistics to be a room member. We just use simple rules of thumb that have fairly high percentages associated with them. I am really big on reducing things to simplest terms so they are easy to understand and remember.” If the set up finding software found a real statistical probability, why require traders to interpret additional indicator sub-graphs to re-enforce the edge?

Visual Energy Analysis has no sub-graphs of indicators to confuse your thought process. The majority of traders would be confused anyway trying to interpret all of that nonsense! There is a trading phenomenon that we are taking advantage of, trading it ourselves and its much simpler than you may think!

VEA is the composite effect of all traders’ ability to push price around. We show you the simple, never easier to read patterns that have been working since Charles Drummond uncovered them back in the 60’s.

The VEA system works in all markets. (i.e. NQ, ES, TF, GC, ZB, 6E & CL)

“Create one’s own reality, yet contain the basic premise. Drummond Energy Bands contain price, since price is energy and so are the bands, all one entity – energy. And it’s pretty to look at” says Charlie.