Todays Futures Daytrading Video Review Jan 16 2018
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Todays Futures Daytrading Video Review Jan  16 2018
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+++++++++++++ S&P FUTURES ++++++++++++
BREW REPORT FOR: MAR.2018 E-Mini S&P 500 Futures (ES)

“The Emotional Matrix”
Today’s Economic News: None [am ET]
Today’s Earth Magnetic Field: Normal
Today’s Moon Cycle: 0% Waning Crescent

Look for Bulls to have control ABOVE 2804.50 00

Look for Bears to have control BELOW 2804.50 00

TODAY’s GPS MATRIX: BEST BET: Above 2804.50 we pop to 2809.00-2830.00? Else below we can flush to 2753.00-2783.50?

THIS WEEK’s GPS MATRIX: BEST BET: With the Weekly above 2787.75 we can pop to 2821.00-2830.00 we can flush to 2753.00?

2777.50 Monthly Upper Axe (R2)
2777.50 Quarterly Upper Axe (R1)
2830.00 Weekly Upper Axe (R1)
2809.00 Daily Upper Axe (R1)
2804.50 Daily Airbag Top
2783.50 Daily Airbag Bottom
2781.00 Daily Center
2753.00 Daily Lower Axe (S1)

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