Todays Futures Daytrading Video Review August 22 2017
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Todays Futures Daytrading Video Review August  22 2017
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Trading Disclaimer

+++++++++++++ S&P FUTURES ++++++++++++
VEA MARKET REPORT: SEPT. E-Mini S&P 500 Futures (ES)

Always Released before 8 am ET.

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Weekly SPY Options (SPDR S&P 500 ETF TRUST): AUG. 23-2017

DAILY AXE ======== R = 2433.25 S = 2420.00
WEEKLY AXE ====== R = 2460.25 S = 2418.00
MONTHLY AXE ===== R = 2479.50 S = 2425.25
QUARTERLY AXE === R = 2485.75 S = 2325.75

Look for Bulls to have control ABOVE 2432.75

Look for Bears to have control BELOW 2432.75

============WALLS AND REFRESH LEVELS==========
DAILY (1440min) EXHAUST ====== S = 2392.50 Refresh is 2441.00
HC CHART (50K) EXHAUST ======= S = None
FC CHART (10K) EXHAUST ======= S = 2439.00 Refresh is 2432.50

With the Weekly above 2420.50 we can pop to 40.00-48.00, else below we flush to 2.25-18.00?

BEST BET: Above 2432.75 we pop to 40.00-51.00, else below we can flush 14.25-20.00?


Okay this is going to be today’s futures
day trading video review for Tuesday
August 22nd 2017 for Drummond Energy Bands. Today before 8 a.m. Eastern we said the
best bet – excuse me the line in the sand
– was 32 and 3/4 and we said the best bet
above it we could pop to 40.00-51.00. Now in
the room what we said was after,
essentially, I guess the cash – just prior
to the cash opening – right about here, or
right at the cash opening we said long. Bulls in other words. Approximately 33 half
we had a rest down here this little
yellow box. This is where we were getting
in here on the trade shared here to the
left. This yellow up arrow. And you can see
there’s some lines up here – this purple
line, this red line – we had some strength
up here we were losing; You look at the
trade shared here, we’re losing the push
down with some up arrows so we’re
putting in a wall that was rather
significant for us right in through here
to lean against which was leaning
against some daily energy. And on the way up we noticed that we had a couple of
walls here. We had, you know, this 40
target and on the way up we were able to
capture some profits. You know it doesn’t
really matter how much profits you make
but if you can come into the day knowing
your edge, knowing where the direction
for your edge is, what you’re leaning on
for risk, and how to manage your emotions
in psychology too, right? We’re going to
talk about that today in a webinar at
4:15 p.m. Eastern if you want to hook up
with us. You can join up on the front of
our website http://DrummondEnergyBands.com top right hand corner. We’re
going to give you something for free for
coming that you can use in any trading system. Thanks
very much for interest and we hope you
had a great trading day.

See original video on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HptO3DGRA2s Join our next webinar at https://www.drummondenergybands.com/live-webinar/


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