The Analyst Room

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The Analyst Room $199 US (Per Month Click HERE)


What is The Analyst Room?

This is Charles Drummond’s educational trading room that is open to all who wish to learn how significant Visual Energy Analysis (VEA) can be in real-time. It is moderated by JB Wells a trusted, long time associate of Drummond who has had substantial success trading futures & options using VEA.

In this room we will focus on being exceptional in revealing Drummond’s Crowd Market Structure from Multiple Time Frames (MTF) in real-time for educational purposes. In other words, the geometry says this about the market now. We showcase our system and look to provide one significant setup that fits within the structure of the day’s geometry and discuss how this actually sets up for us.

Traders may find this information useful in their trading of EQUITY, FUTURES, ETFs, FOREX and OPTIONS. We want to invite you to witness his time tested approach from the 60’s for you to compare it with: order flow, volume profile, option rolling tracking, margin money tracking, volume statistics and all other technical forms of analysis.

A Trading Room Without The Crowd’s Noise!


Have you experienced trading rooms where they offer up the room’s collective intelligence as your only way out of the trading closet towards profitability? Chats fly by as you decide to take your pick from several of the real traders to follow in the room! Are you kidding me!

We want to offer you a stripped down alternative without all the fluff that is typically found in hard to follow trading rooms. We provide a look into how JB Wells uses this edge in the ES S&P 500 E-mini Futures market. You can then decide, if you want to learn this system as you will witness how well or not you think it works for him. We recommend this room to traders as an excellant way to jump start your trading career!

  • Access to The Analyst Room from 9-11 am ET M-F.
  • Live educational commentary for Drummond’s World Famous Crowd Geometry!
  • We will point out price areas that may be used for entry’s, stops and exits.
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(Please review our Disclaimer prior to ordering any product)

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