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Emil S. says,

If you’re a trader in the making as I am you won’t find a better way to hone your skills and learn the VEA method than with JB’s teaching and guidance. Having the chance to join JB and Charles Drummond a few months ago gave me the knowledge and confidence to become profitable starting with a small account. It took me 3 months of studying the VEA method to become profitable with unsurpassed support from JB.  The reality proved to be that most of the work had to be concentrated on disciplining myself to follow the trading plan. Right now instead of trying to achieve a daily dollar goal, I’m concentrating on spotting the best setups that the VEA method is teaching with the dollars just being a byproduct of the big picture.

All my appreciation to JB and Charles Drummond for their diligent work and dedication in bringing this product to the community of traders.

Matt M. says,

For years I had attempted to transform myself into a successful day trader.  After initially going it alone as a self-taught trader, I tried all different kinds of indicators, software, schools and trading rooms but nothing could help me achieve my goal of consistent profits.  That goal was finally realized when I discovered Drummond Energy Bands in August of 2015.

Because I had traded unsuccessfully for so long, it was easy to quickly recognize the value of DEBs.  I knew what I needed was a way to clearly understand what was happening in any market I was trading and then be able to quickly and consistently identify entries, targets, runners and most importantly, when to get out of a losing trade.  This sounds simple but as every experienced trader knows, it’s anything but simple.

Drummond Energy Bands could not possibly be clearer or easier to understand in terms of identifying where to get in and out of the market, which is what consistent profits are all about.  In my opinion ANY trader who’s willing to put in the effort of practicing before going to live trading will find success with DEBs.

With DEBs I have truly amazing and unique trading software created by the futures trading genius, Charles Drummond; a suite of training videos that taught me everything I needed to know in order to trade the software profitably and which I can refer back to at any time; daily training videos that go over trades that happened that day; a daily email I receive by 8am EST Monday through Friday that identifies important price levels and price movement probabilities for the day in the ES and CL markets and a daily hour long coaching call Monday through Friday that goes over what happened in the ES and CL markets that day. 

I have never, ever, EVER seen a group of people who are so invested in and who work so hard to help traders succeed.  Never.  And on top of that they have the best piece of trading software on the planet. 

Whether you’ve never traded before or if you’ve been struggling for years to find success as a trader, Drummond Energy Bands and the DEBs team will help you realize your dreams.  How do I know?  Because I was one of the stubborn ones who refused to give up despite years and years of failed effort and in 2015, after discovering DEBs, I had my first profitable trading year ever!

Thank you Charlie and J.B. and the rest of the DEBs team!  You have all had a tremendously positive impact on my life and I cannot thank you enough for your tools, your training, your guidance, your support and your friendship!  I look forward to many more profitable years and decades working with you and trading with DEBs!

Brian from Chicago, IL says,

Drummond Energy Bands has elevated my trading to the next level in terms of profit potential, organization and most importantly the support JB and Charlie continue to provide to their students.

I immediately starting having success once I settled on one pattern I felt was most efficient in terms of risk vs reward. If I’m going to trade 100 contracts someday this mind doesn’t want to be thinking of all the what, why and where.

I would recommend Drummond Energy Bands to those who seek mastery on one thing and one thing only. I would also recommend using Market Replay on NinjaTrader for the new student.

I thank Charlie, JB and Trish from the bottom of my heart for the service you provide. It’s people like you that challenge, question and eventually help us free our minds.

K.B. says,
My experience with Drummond Energy Bands has been great. I came to discover this method of trading while I was using another trading service that used price zones to show the turn points for a market. It took me a while and cost me to figure out that I needed 3 other indicators to tell me if a zone was going to hold or not. The head trader in the room was trading at a 65% win rate. Not encouraging. Once I came across VEA I saw how amazing and simple the layout was and how easy it was to decipher the market turn points. Finally someone (Charlie and JB) had figured out how to make trading a straightforward experience with a high degree of success on each trade.
At one point I had ordered the system and 5 days later my company received a large contract which prevented me from being in front of the computer and trading daily. I asked for a refund from JB and was very courteously treated.
So if you are liking what you see and thinking of trying VEA out …do it. You have nothing to lose and will have what I have found after much experimentation to be the best trading software out there.
D.L. says,
VEA is eerily prescient in determining significant levels for the day to leverage your trading.  I like the visual nature of being able to see everything unfold without the encumbrance of multiple indicator cross references which can lead to “deer starring into headlights” action.   I appreciate all that the VEA team is doing to help us succeed both with locating golden nuggets and psychologically to press the easy button.”
R.J. says,
One final thought – as my trading with VEA has been going quite well, yesterday I signed up for a seed account, as it will give me a good structure to ensure that I am trading within clearly defined risk parameters (your discussions on leans are very helpful in this context), and it will help me to become more comfortable trading with larger size, especially once I qualify for the funded account (there are no ifs in this scenario : )      
Anyways – just a few thoughts that I had.  Thanks for all of the work that you are putting into the training, software, and website.  What you and Charlie have created here is absolutely fantastic!
G.P. says,

I wanted to comment on my positive experience with J.B. Wells and Drummond Energy Bands. I ordered the whole package fairly early on. At the time all of the videos were related to trading the Nasdaq (NQ). However I didn’t really have an interest in trading NQ. Rather I had been trading crude oil (CL) for quite some time and wanted to apply the bands to this market. For some reason I just never could get in sync with the bands and their approach. Part of this could have stemmed from the fact that I have been trading futures since 1970 and I have some deeply ingrained habits that might have prevented me from being successful with the bands.  

At any rate I requested a return of the purchase price per their money back guarantee. J. B. Wells responded immediately by issuing a credit back to my credit card and I am very thankful for the integrity he showed in honoring their guarantee. My experience in the past with various vendors has shown me that not everyone honors their guarantees. Again many thanks J.B.!