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Contact: John Gromala
NinjaTrader Ecosystem, LLC

JB Wells
Drummond Energy Bands

NinjaTrader Ecosystem welcomes Drummond Energy Bands to its expanding Ecosystem of Educational Partners.

Denver, CO, June 16 2015 – NinjaTrader Ecosystem, LLC is pleased to welcome Drummond Energy Bands to its expanding Ecosystem of 3rd Party Add-On Partners.

Veteran trader and author of How to Make Money in the Futures Market…and Lots of it, Charles Drummond, has simplified his life’s work of market structure into a Visual Energy Analysis (VEA) software called Drummond Energy Bands. The Drummond Energy Bands software, developed exclusively for NinjaTrader, uncovers the strong, organic and collective energy of support and resistance that exists within the markets. Drummond advocates that the proprietary VEA Drummond Energy Bands and Drummond Renko Wrap are the new standard of technical analysis.

NinjaTrader is exceeding the needs of traders and developers” said JB Wells, Trader/ Client Support at Drummond Energy Bands. “The NinjaTrader chart visuals are key in employing our system and making it intuitive for traders!”

About NinjaTrader Group, LLC
NinjaTrader Group, LLC ( together with its subsidiaries provides award-winning electronic trading tools and brokerage services to self-directed traders allowing both manual and automated trade execution combined with sophisticated technical analysis software. Initially started in 2003 the company has evolved into a premier destination for active traders and has established an Ecosystem ( of over 400 partners developing custom tools and education based on the NinjaTrader platform. The company serves the global trading community providing free software for advanced charting, market analytics, trading system development and trade simulation along with simple transparent commissions.

About Drummond Energy Brands
Charles Drummond has been trading a variety of markets since the 1960’s and has experienced substantial success. Charlie, as known by many, has kept his students’ needs at the forefront of his mind by generously sharing his market developments. He has realized that not everyone may need or even be capable of analyzing and maintaining a trade plan over multiple chart frames; though this is how he began to trade when he was telephone booth trading in the 60’s.

J.B. Wells began purchasing trading courses in 1998 and began full time trading in 2001. He also spent time researching and developing his own trading software and ideas. In 2003, J.B. found Charles Drummond and has been a student of his ever since. As a student trader of Charles Drummond, J.B. helps with the technical details of running the website and client support. Charles has programmed the code for Drummond Energy Bands and allowed J.B. to learn many of his trading strategies. For additional information please visit

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