Position And Swing Trading

In the Master of The Universe Course, we explain how the day trader learns how to use the AAA edge in the market. This same pattern can also be used for the position and swing trader alike.

It would be good to review, the  what is the AAA setup? first before watching the Position And Swing Trading video below.

Charlie states, “What is fascinating is that on first glance it is all overwhelming, yet when the brain is trained, simplicity prevales. Why?  Because the graphics are constant and never change. Energy contains all, period.”

Pilots use the same landing protocol on any landing strip under all weather conditions anywhere in the world. Are we not the same as pilots? We need the same constant chart graphics that never change under all market conditions! Visual Energy Analysis (VEA) using Drummond Energy Bands is THE answer!

Energy back then..the same energy today!

Position And Swing Trading the Daily Chart of the NASDAQ September Futures.