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3 Crucial Skills for the Trading Mindset

JB Wells

Date: October 26, 2017

Time: 4:15 pm ET

Presenter: JB Wells

Company: Drummond Energy Bands

Join JB Wells of Drummond Energy Bands, as he shares what he believes to be the 3 most important skills a trader must possess. JB has coached traders in 44 countries around the world using these important skills. He believes that unlocking your potential as a trader, and creating the business you’ve always wanted requires mastery of these 3 mental traits.

In this session, the following topics will be covered:

  • Learn, manage, and execute your own trading business online
  • Discover how to connect the trading dots, in spite of anxiety
  • Explore 3 crucial skills for enhancing your trading mindset

Special Offer:

Drummond Energy Bands will be giving away software, education, and trading reports. Attend for your chance to win!

About JB Wells

JB Wells is a specialized futures and options trader who has created the AXE GPS software based on the pioneer work that veteran futures trader, Charles Drummond has done in analyzing market geometry. With AXE GPS, JB has created what he feels is a simplified, teachable method to approaching the markets.

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