Fast Track Insurance Program


What is the Fast Track Insurance Program? (FTIP)


In the summer of 2015, Charlie and I got to talking about how his technical analysis contribution from the ’60’s was being received by the trading community. I said the method was very unique and very powerful, but not clearly supported. I was very honest with Charlie and told him that the support had not been there for me nor for many other paying traders since I began working with it in 2003!


He told me that he was NOT aware of this and had thought that traders needs were being professionally supported. He was extremely dissatisfied with this news. Quite a while ago, shortly after his wife had passed away, he was approached to have his technical analysis brought to Chicago and the world. He thought that this would be terrific and that if traders could learn and catch on to have even half the success he had experienced, then that would be perfect!


Over the following years, he NEVER received a dime for his own work! Although his name was being used but most importantly to him, the proper support for his method was NOT being provided! I said I would step up and support this new geometry work that has been simplified for NinjaTrader and would give 5 star support for the trader with the $2,000 account!


We get the most fulfillment in life when we help struggling traders finally get up and over the wall!