Exporting Excel Trade List

How to export your NinjaTrader Trade List data (i.e. your trades from today) into Excel for posting in your own private area.

How to get your NinjaTrader Trade List data ready to be exported out of NinjaTrader:
1) On the NinjaTrader Control Center, select the “Account Performance” tab.
– Operations > Control Center > Account Performance Tab

2) Make sure the date range “From:” and “To:” fields are BOTH set to today’s current date.
(This will allow you to export your trade’s from today)

3) Click the “Advanced >>” button. Then tick the check box labeled “Group trades by ATM Strategy”.
a) The ATM Strategy will keep all parts of the trade together on one row, average your prices for up to three Entries and Exits.
b) Click on “<<Basic” to hide these fields once selected.

4) Click “Generate“. Your trade data will now be displayed in the Account Performance tabs (Summary, Graphs, Executions, Trades, Periods, Orders, Journal).

1) How to export your now ready to be exported, Trade List data, into to Excel:

a) Click on the “Trades” tab
b) If not already set, ensure that all columns are displayed by right clicking on the column headings, selecting Grid -> Properties, and ticking all check-boxes. Click OK.
c) Right click on any of the trade data boxes.
d) Select Grid -> Export to Excel
e) Excel will open with the data entered in a new worksheet. Use Save As to store the data in FILE where you will be able to find.

The file that you have EXPORTED & SAVED from NinjaTrader will be the FILE you will POST in Basecamp (along with your trade chart files)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!