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George C.VEA Trader

"I think I've learned more in the past 2 days than in the past 8 yrs! I've realized that your thinking is about 10x slower than mine. Your confidence in today's setup to hold through the initial pullback and through various arrows, eps and walls on the trade chart was fascinating and most helpful. I've found that I take trades out quickly for 2pts and then watch the market move in favor of the position. I also appreciate how you updated the target. "

"I want to let you know that I found the room very helpful and like it a lot how do you handle it as you explain life your reasoning and/or thinking process. For me to see how do you manage the trade especially the process of managing your target expectations is very helpful. I know that I am going to get a lot out of this room. "
Jorge M.VEA Trader

"I've been in other rooms and not only do you give terrific indications of entries, stops and targets without directly telling traders what to do, but your analysis of the charts and active trades is beyond excellent. I'm amazed at how well you are able to read set-ups BEFORE they set up.It's really great to be trading with you live now because I feel this is already proving to be a great next step from the Coaching Calls. I'm suprised at how different it is see you analyze live vs after the fact. It's extremely helpful.One other thing I'd like to mention is that the room is very calm and relaxed which is also very beneficial to the trading mindset.I started trading live the first day the room opened with a goal of $200 per day and I did $412.50 for the two days so I plan to keep working my goal."
Matt M. 
VEA Trader
Roger H.VEA Trader

i trade 1 contract at a time and a bit more defensive than aggressive and made quite a few mistakes in that process…but the results speak for themselves… first time “live” i have gone more than 2 weeks with almost everyday positive…so very very thankful.

CLICK HERE Roger H. Trading Log

i look at both minute and tick and concepts work on both with minor adjustments….i spent probably 4-6 months backtesting and siming to make sure what they said it could do was true… i went an entire month in sim where almost everyday was positive… i then began to slowly move over to live trading, where i soon had a few psycho/spiritual issues i had to deal with…but after that i am starting to produce what i did in sim.

Everything Charles and JB have produced has been top quality…i do not hesitate to recommend anything they produce…and i mean anything…

i am sincerely thankful for them taking the time to work through all the issues of coming to a new platform so that others might benefit from their work… timeless.

Matt M.VEA Trader

As a trader, I’ve searched for years for software that would allow me to confidently identify entries and targets for both trend trades and trend reversal trades as well as for managing my trades once I’m in them. I’ve been trading the ES with The AXE GPS Live and AXE Levels for the past several weeks and I can honestly say I have never traded better in my life. I patiently wait for specific set-ups that deliver winning trades over and over and over again. That’s really the name of the game when it comes to trading so I couldn’t possibly be happier.

I would tell any and every trader that they really need to trade this system if they want to take their trading to the highest possible level. It’s that good. The really great news is that in addition to the amazing (Miraculous is more like it) software that Charlie developed, J.B. provides the best trading education and support I have ever experienced by FAR. He is a true genius when it comes to maximizing trading success with the AXE and he patiently guides you and teaches you each and every day.

I can’t thank J.B., Charlie and Trish enough. They mean the world to me. VEA Rocks! Thanks guys!

AXE GPS Live is the most accurate and profitable trading methodology that I have seen in almost 20 years of trading. I have been absolutely astounded at how effective it is at pinpointing the exact price turns with the buy/sell arrows, and then shows you precisely where to place your stops with the formation of a wall above or below price. I no longer find myself tempted to jump into a trend that is already in place, just to have price move against my position. Instead, I am now able to buy at market bottoms, sell at market tops and enter on high probability pullbacks in a trend. Trading part-time, after work this week, I had a +36 tick trade one day, a +28 tick trade the next day, and increased my trading account by more than 20%.

Another huge, unexpected benefit that I found from using AXE GPS Live is that the methodology and charts are so different from anything else out there that it forces you to look at the markets in a completely new way. This shift in perspective and focus makes it much easier to correct your trading errors, and to greatly improve your consistency, accuracy and profitability.

Richard J. 
VEA Trader

The GPS numbers are concrete and walls are easy to see. Having the numbers and walls simplifies the decision making to enter a trade and know the risk. Being able to see the GPS number on the live bar and see the wall forming on the live bar allows me to enter with peace of mind. Axe GPS has given me a whole new perspective on trading, I love it!

George C.VEA Trader
Daniel L. VEA Trader

The AXE provides the confidence/edge

Support is 10/10

With other strategies and indicators I was humbled by the market month after month unable to consistently maintain a profit. The Axe provides the confidence/edge that I need to execute trades knowing that after the dust settles I will be on top no matter what. With trading you will not always have winning trades but rest assured that you will have way more winners than losers when using the Axe. So stay calm, stay patient and do that one thing that will ensure success in the long run. Drummond Energy Bands quickly changed that and helps me stay in control making selective high probability trades. The predictability inherent in Drummond Energy Bands is truly amazing guiding you to be a proactive trader seeing the big picture. I extend my sincere gratitude to Charles Drummond for imparting his wisdom and techniques to the public as well as JB for his patience, professionalism and responsiveness to stay abreast of instruction and questions helping us each step of the way to streamline our training with Drummond Energy Bands. This system works and is a pleasure to trade.


Nothing else worked!

Matt M. - VEA Trader

"For years I had attempted to transform myself into a successful day trader. After initially going it alone as a self-taught trader, I tried all different kinds of indicators, software, schools and trading rooms but nothing could help me achieve my goal of consistent profits. That goal was finally realized when I discovered Drummond Energy Bands in August of 2015.

Because I had traded unsuccessfully for so long, it was easy to quickly recognize the value of DEBs. I knew what I needed was a way to clearly understand what was happening in any market I was trading and then be able to quickly and consistently identify entries, targets, runners and most importantly, when to get out of a losing trade. This sounds simple but as every experienced trader knows, it’s anything but simple.

Drummond Energy Bands could not possibly be clearer or easier to understand in terms of identifying where to get in and out of the market, which is what consistent profits are all about. In my opinion ANY trader who’s willing to put in the effort of practicing before going to live trading will find success with DEBs.

With DEBs I have truly amazing and unique trading software created by the futures trading genius, Charles Drummond; a suite of training videos that taught me everything I needed to know in order to trade the software profitably and which I can refer back to at any time; daily training videos that go over trades that happened that day; a daily email I receive by 8am EST Monday through Friday that identifies important price levels and price movement probabilities for the day in the ES and CL markets and a daily hour long coaching call Monday through Friday that goes over what happened in the ES and CL markets that day.

I have never, ever, EVER seen a group of people who are so invested in and who work so hard to help traders succeed. Never. And on top of that they have the best piece of trading software on the planet.

Whether you’ve never traded before or if you’ve been struggling for years to find success as a trader, Drummond Energy Bands and the DEBs team will help you realize your dreams. How do I know? Because I was one of the stubborn ones who refused to give up despite years and years of failed effort and in 2015, after discovering DEBs, I had my first profitable trading year ever!

Thank you Charlie and J.B. and the rest of the DEBs team! You have all had a tremendously positive impact on my life and I cannot thank you enough for your tools, your training, your guidance, your support and your friendship! I look forward to many more profitable years and decades working with you and trading with DEBs!"

Emil S. VEA Trader


Hope your weekend is going well. Just to let you know that "I get it" and just a one trick pony of the EP with the AXE is amazing what it gives you to go for it.

The attention and response that JB is providing to the traders is beyond anyone expectations.

YES the AXE is highly recommended for a trader to become successful. The system is dynamic, adaptable to the market changes, though you don't need to buy another system

The method allows you to make a plan, having well defined points when and where to enter the trade, the levels where to take profits and where to place the stop loss. A major plus, the method forces you is to become disciplined in your decision making when you enter a trade.

If you’re a trader in the making as I am you won’t find a better way to hone your skills and learn the VEA method than with JB’s teaching and guidance. Having the chance to join JB and Charles Drummond a few months ago gave me the knowledge and confidence to become profitable starting with a small account. It took me 3 months of studying the VEA method to become profitable with unsurpassed support from JB. The reality proved to be that most of the work had to be concentrated on disciplining myself to follow the trading plan. Right now instead of trying to achieve a daily dollar goal, I’m concentrating on spotting the best setups that the VEA method is teaching with the dollars just being a byproduct of the big picture.

All my appreciation to JB and Charles Drummond for their diligent work and dedication in bringing this product to the community of traders.

On a different note I must express my gratitude to you and Charlie for such and excellent job in putting the package together and make it available to the trading world. You guys are humble people with big souls... the AXE is the secret sauce.


Most Important Is The Support!

Brian Chicago, IL - VEA Trader

I would give support a 10 rating. Excellent!

Drummond Energy Bands has elevated my trading to the next level in terms of profit potential, organization and most importantly the support JB and Charlie continue to provide to their students.

I would recommend the software since it can be used in so many ways to fit each unique individual.

I immediately starting having success once I settled on one pattern I felt was most efficient in terms of risk vs reward. If I’m going to trade 100 contracts someday this mind doesn’t want to be thinking of all the what, why and where.

I would recommend Drummond Energy Bands to those who seek mastery on one thing and one thing only. I would also recommend using Market Replay on Ninja Trader for the new student.

I thank Charlie, JB and Trish from the bottom of my heart for the service you provide. It’s people like you that challenge, question and eventually help us free our minds.

Richard J. VEA Trader

GOT OUT TOO SOON WITH A 14 point trade : )

JB – that is too funny – I just watched your Insider’s Review for today, and I took the exact trade that you discussed. My entry was at 9:47 am . I’m glad to know that I am seeing the charts in the same way that you are looking at them. I can see now that I got out at least 10 points too soon. The strong dot push on the 8-4 chart would have been a good indication that the C wave on the 8-4 could continue so that I wouldn’t have gotten out so soon (although I am not complaining about a 14 point trade : ) )

Roger H. Jr VEA Trader

I have recommended the AXE to others!

Support is great!

Yes i would recommend the Axe Software and have recommended it... i feel it gives you a leading edge on what to expect in predefined areas. It was the primary reason i bought the whole VEA package.

I can say with confidence i am very pleased with the AXE. Usually after i buy trading software within 2 weeks i have put it through the ringer and end up with what some may call buyers the early days this buggered me a lot but then after it happened so much i realized this was the industry then i just chalked it up to another learning experience, or just a sadistic funny smirk they suckered me again 🙂 This is the first time after 4+months i can say i am still satisfied......never in my history with trading programs/software have i been able to say that. I have bought a lot...and always wanted to purchase Charles Drummond's work but each time i would come back to it, something else would end up with my money. So it took nearly a decade before i finally purchased his software and i can say i still have zero, not an ounce of regret. i am still in Sim and was able to go an entire month with nearly every day positive... with the NT8 version i am going over things again to make sure my trading plan is rock solid. I still need to transition to live so will once again report back the benefits of what Charles Drummond has developed after i have journeyed down that road a bit. With sincere thanks RH 🙂


I would recommend the AXE

Rushi P. - VEA Trader

If 5 star is the highest rating, i would like to give 5 star to you guys for support. There is not a single time you have not given an answer either silly or tough one to understand. Even if it is of Ninjatrader, you guys have always supported me.

Thank you very much.

Yes would recommend the AXE Software. It is very profound and patterns repeat with very surety.

Patterns occurring in Multiple Time Frame simultaneously at reversals is a very great edge of Axe over other software.....

Michael H. VEA Trader

Nothing compares to the axe

Unrivaled. All questions and concerns are addressed immediately!

I would. I have been studying and using trading systems and theories for more than 5 years. Nothing I have seen comes even remotely close to giving you a glimpse into the future of the price movement of the underlying. The AXE gives you a probable map and enables you to plan your trades well in advance.

The look into the future it provides is something I don't even want to think about trading without. The various time frame support and resistance drawn on any time frame you choose to work from enhances the bigger picture concisely and enables more probable and reliable trade executions.

Jorge M VEA Trader

Precise levels of S/R

Excellent support.

For me trading is very personal and intimate . Also people around me do not know anything about trading and their idea is of the 90's day trader scalper that lose its house so I am very careful. It has nothing to do with AXE as AXE/VEA are great.

Very precise levels of support and resistance as well of exhaustion.