Charles Drummond


Charles Drummond was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. As a young man he enjoyed studying literature and geometry in school. His market experiences started in a conventional way with various experiments in buying stocks and commodities. He lost money on penny stocks, he lost money on futures contracts, he lost money following broker recommendations. After these losing experiments, he decided that if he was going to lose money, it would be in his own way, and not following the recommendations of others, and began his serious study of the markets.

During the 1960’s and early 1970’s, as he was trading in a variety of markets, Drummond experienced very substantial success. During these years he developed the basics of his market theory, and published these findings privately in a series of books, starting in the late 70’s. During the 1990’s he continued to add to his theories and develop new insights and has published a number of significant enhancements.

Charlie has simplified all of his original theories in 2015 and has made them only available here on the website. He is no longer affiliated with any other website’s on the internet today.

Drummond has always had a small group of private students and his theories have been taught by several market technicians.

He has realized that not everyone may need or even be capable of analyzing and maintaining a trade plan over multiple chart frames; though this is how he began to trade when he was telephone booth trading in the 60’s.

All this has lead Charlie into developing this new insight, simplifying his life’s work of market structure (i.e. five (5) kinds of trading) into a Visual Energy Analysis (VEA) software called Drummond Energy Bands. VEA reveals how market structure is really just pure organic energy that is not time related.

Drummond currently lives in Eastern Canada where he trades and maintains an organic vegetable farm. He produces videos for his students in Drummond Talk and is working on several new books.

“We are teaching pattern recognition in the simplest way” says Charlie.

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