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For NinjaTrader 8 Users Only

AXE AND AXE GPS Live for DEB Owners

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Includes Fast Track AXE GPS Live Videos,

Crowd Trading Made Easy Manual,

Stock Option Manual

and Charles Drummond Psychology Course.


Owners Option Regular Price $6,490 US


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Owners Three Payment Option Regular Price $6,490 US


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Hear What Traders Are Saying About This Software Already!


Roger H. says,

i trade 1 contract at a time and a bit more defensive than aggressive and made quite a few mistakes in that process…but the results speak for themselves… first time “live” i have gone more than 2 weeks with almost everyday positive…so very very thankful.

Roger H. Trading Log

i look at both minute and tick and concepts work on both with minor adjustments….i spent probably 4-6 months backtesting and siming to make sure what they said it could do was true… i went an entire month in sim where almost everyday was positive… i then began to slowly move over to live trading, where i soon had a few psycho/spiritual issues i had to deal with…but after that i am starting to produce what i did in sim.

Everything Charles and JB have produced has been top quality…i do not hesitate to recommend anything they produce…and i mean anything… 

i am sincerely thankful for them taking the time to work through all the issues of coming to a new platform so that others might benefit from their work… timeless.

Matt M. says,

As a trader, I’ve searched for years for software that would allow me to confidently identify entries and targets for both trend trades and trend reversal trades as well as for managing my trades once I’m in them.  I’ve been trading the ES with The AXE GPS Live and AXE Levels for the past several weeks and I can honestly say I have never traded better in my life.  I patiently wait for specific set-ups that deliver winning trades over and over and over again.  That’s really the name of the game when it comes to trading so I couldn’t possibly be happier.  
I would tell any and every trader that they really need to trade this system if they want to take their trading to the highest possible level.  It’s that good.  The really great news is that in addition to the amazing (Miraculous is more like it) software that Charlie developed, J.B. provides the best trading education and support I have ever experienced by FAR.  He is a true genius when it comes to maximizing trading success with the AXE and he patiently guides you and teaches you each and every day.
I can’t thank J.B., Charlie and Trish enough.  They mean the world to me.  VEA Rocks! Thanks guys!


Richard J. says,


AXE GPS Live is the most accurate and profitable trading methodology that I have seen in almost 20 years of trading.  I have been absolutely astounded at how effective it is at pinpointing the exact price turns with the buy/sell arrows, and then shows you precisely where to place your stops with the formation of a wall above or below price.  I no longer find myself tempted to jump into a trend that is already in place, just to have price move against my position.  Instead, I am now able to buy at market bottoms, sell at market tops and enter on high probability pullbacks in a trend.  Trading part-time, after work this week, I had a +36 tick trade one day, a +28 tick trade the next day, and increased my trading account by more than 20%.


Another huge, unexpected benefit that I found from using AXE GPS Live is that the methodology and charts are so different from anything else out there that it forces you to look at the markets in a completely new way.  This shift in perspective and focus makes it much easier to correct your trading errors, and to greatly improve your consistency, accuracy and profitability. 


George C. says,


The GPS numbers are concrete and walls are easy to see.  Having the numbers and walls simplifies the decision making to enter a trade and know the risk. Being able to see the GPS number on the live bar and see the wall forming on the live bar allows me to enter with peace of mind.  Axe GPS has given me a whole new perspective on trading, I love it!