As traders we want to learn from a clear, concise speaker, an expert we can trust who can language the concepts being taught clearly.

As a learning trader, we question the facts being presented up until a point. We then make a conscious decision that we have enough information to believe that we may be able to trade this way.  However, are we confusing the overall process and thinking that just because the presenter is well spoken, we can trust this individual trying to help us and eventually learn to trade the way he or she does?

Charles Drummond, himself, says he has struggled with being an effective communicator for most of his life. He found that his speech impediment got in the way and felt that someone else would do a better job communicating. However Charlie is a very private individual but enjoys communicating through email and videos. J.B. has learned a lot about how his own trading mind functions by listening to how Charlie talks about his own trading experiences and much more.

Finally, there is no need for interpretation when the chart clearly speaks to the trader. The slick presentation that so many of today’s presenters utilize is lost or not needed. The visual is so profound that words only get in the way. You see it or you do not, it is that simple!

If you can see one of the energy lines RIGHT NOW, then you can train your brain to take action in a short period of time.